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Terms and conditions



1)               This terms and conditions are applied to all ME Translation Services clients who have  confirmed  the job tasks and required our service.

2)               The terms and conditions are valid from the  day ME Translation Services  received the Purchase Order (PO) from client until the full settlement of the payment is made to “ME TRANSLATION SERVICES” account.

3)               For a new client, payment term  should be made two (2) times upon any requested project. An advance payment of 50% will be required prior to work commencing. The second payment should be paid within two (2) weeks after the whole translation work is submitted to client. This will include proofreading and editing of the assigned project.

4)               Payments should be made payable via crossed Cheque, Bank Draft or Direct Bank In to “ME TRANSLATION SERVICES” account. Our account number is 5121 0126 0408 (MALAYAN BANKING BERHAD, SHAH ALAM BRANCH).

5)               For international clients, payments should be made directly to ME TRANSLATION SERVICES account (a/c no.: 5121 0126 0408 ) via TT Remittance and the payment term as agreed in the Job Order.

6)               In case of any delay for a  submission of completed translation work within the deadline as being agreed by both parties (ME Translation Services and client) due to any reason raised by client,  ME Translation Services will NOT take the responsibility.

7)               ME Translation Services will not be responsible for any of the contents requested by client for translation.

8)               Completed project will be delivered to client in either 3 methods which are email, diskette or hardcopy  as being agreed by client during initial project confirmation.

9)               ME Translation Services will only provide translation of  the  contents of a web site and save into  Word Document or Text formats (or both) if being required by client.

10)            For a contract basis project, ME Translation Services  has a right to change its service charge from the previous PO by a prior notice to client .

11)            These terms and conditions are set by ME Translation Services and has the exclusive right to change or alter any part of the contents without prior notice.

12)            ME Translation Services shall have no liability or responsibility to the purchaser or any other person or entity with respect to any claim, loss, liability, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the translation, typesetting, or printing.


Copyright Reserved for ME Translation Services 
Last updated on 29th April  2002