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Translation Services
We provide translation services for Japanese,  English and Malay languages and we are expert in;

* Automotive Engineering
* Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
* Machinery/Product manual
* Report / Journal
* Brochure
* Commercial
* Web site
* Interpretation

About ME Translation Services

Our company is highly dedicated to provide excellent Japanese,  English and Malay translation services, whether you just need to put on the back of your business card or equipment manual translated into other languages, we will provide you the confidence, accuracy and natural translation. That's why ME Translation Services serves you with an extensive staff of translation experts.

At ME Translation Services, our translators are highly committed to any task given, to correctly understand the original and to render it properly into the required language.

For each project, we bring together a team of professionals and expertise from engineering, business, marketing, proofreading and editors to best meet your needs.

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